She is a Shipwreck: Fringe PVD

After about 9 months of painstaking work, my co-writer Kevin Jaeger and I have completed our labor of love: She is a Shipwreck, featuring an original score by Mr. Jaeger and composer Jason Sager.

And…… [drumroll please] I’m thrilled to announce that the first workshop production of the show will be featured in the Providence Fringe Festival at the end of July!

[VIMH(c): You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.]

Nope, no joke. Yes, I have all of the feelings about bringing this intensely personal story back home for its first workshop production, alas: no pain, no gain. Or something like that.

Based on my writings from last summer, here is the synopsis of our little play:

It’s her first night back in New York City after a three-month trip on a boat and all Alyssa wants to do is go back to normal. Normal, of course, means going to a bar to escape. Instead, Alyssa finds herself wrapped up in a conversation with a man at the bar about her three months on Black Powder and the more she spills, the more Alyssa feels surrounded by the wreckage of the life she left on land. Written by Alyssa Champagne and Kevin Jaeger with a vibrant and original score by Mr. Jaeger & Jason Sager, She is a Shipwreck tackles issues of mental health and heartbreak with a sharp wit and brutal honesty we all crave in life, but often only find in a bar.

I’m thrilled to be surrounded and supported by brilliant minds. Aside from the amazing original score by Kevin & Jason, the show is directed by New York-based genius Kelly McCready and features NYC’s own incredibly talented Matt Weiss as “Man.” [super original character name, we know.]

I honestly don’t know how I got so lucky as to collaborate with these ridiculous people.

Kevin’s first musical, Spot on the Wall, was an official selection of the 2015 New York Musical Festival Next Link Project and named one of the top two productions at the 2016 Chicago Musical Theater Festival. Kevin also hosts Broadwaysted, a popular and hilarious theater podcast featured on and available on iTunes. Composer Jason Sager is a talented singer/songwriter based in NYC.

The show will have two performances, July 26 at 10pm and July 27 at 7pm, at the Waterfire Arts Center Garage, 475 Valley St, Providence.

Tickets are $12, can be purchased at the door, and include a free beer (for those over 21), because Alyssa doesn’t like to drink alone.

[VIMH(c): Usually you just drink with me.]

Good point, VIMH.

Anyway, come check it out if you’re in the area, and stick around for a drink after if you feel so inclined.




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